MUB The Monster Under The Bed 16" Plush Toy Calms Bedtime Fears

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Meet MUB! He's your very own Monster Under the Bed! He is very friendly around people but he DOES NOT get along well with other monsters.  When MUB is in your room, you can rest assured that there will be no other monsters anywhere to be found. Place a MUB monster under your bed and rest easy.

  • Calming glowing charm lights up with soft orange light. Batteries Included
  • 16" High Quality Stuffed Monster perfect for easing bedtime anxiety and fear of the dark.
  • Multiple touch-friendly fabrics provide sensory rich cuddling.
  • Eyebrows adjust to change your monster's mood from friendly mode or defender mode!
  • Comes with a MUB Club official certificate, six bravery reward stickers to encourage children and a MUB refrigerator magnet.

All Monster Under the Bed plush toys come with a MUB Club official membership certificate printed in brilliant purple foil lettering.

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Ages 3+

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