Monster Under the Bed Product Press Kit

Download product launch press release - 12/03/2018

Monster Under The Bed - MUB Logo

Monster Under The Bed - Growl! Boo! Grr!MUB Club - Fears Begone!

MUB Club Logo

Glow Creative Innovations LLC Logo

MUB Plush Toy - Monster Under The Bed Stuffed Toy

Jessica Bieber Simmons - Monster Under the Bed Creator

MUB EyebrowMUB Glow Charm

We Three MUBs - Three Monsters Under The Bed

MUB Paw - Monster Under The Bed Paw

MUB Club - MUB Paw Print - Monster Under The Bed Paw

MUB Candid Picture - Monster Under The Bed Friendly Face

Casual MUB - MUB on the couch - Monster on the Couch

 MUB Reading with friends

Monster Under the Bed in Space!

MUB glowing on soundly sleeping child

Monster and Boy Under the Bed!

MUB fearless in the basement

MUB makes the hamper safe!

Big hugs for MUB

MUB hanging out with his friends

Monster Under the Bed telling jokes